English summary:


PATINORG Ltd. was found after the political and economical change of Hungarian structure in 1991 as a private company in the field of the protection of industrial property and the innovation.

The basic activity of the company is to represent domestic and foreigner companies and individuals before the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, the courts and the other authorities in all the intellectual property cases. We prepare and file the patent-, utility model-, trademark- and design applications and the related documents, prepare and organise licence agreements between the assignee and the licensee in connection with the new solutions.

The fundamental reason why we decided to establish this company was not the usual aim, because we recognised that all the traditional patent agencies and the business consulting offices offer only very limited services to their clients, and the innovative companies and individuals require more then they can get. We wanted to increase and to widen the reachable services in the market of the intellectual property, to make a comfortable business environment to our foreigner and domestic client and now we can recommend an unique service possibility to our partner, because we are able to supply them with the market research, the intellectual property valuation and the marketing and business plans by our qualified experts. Of course we can help them - by our experts and our business relationships - to find cooperative partner in the field of production, commerce and sale, and arrange to establish joint-venture companies and finally organise bank loan if it is possible. We organise product shows and advertisement campaigns as well.

We would be more than happy to assist you and your company in your business or protection of industrial property activity in Hungary.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.